Immigration Law


Act No. 2011-535 as amended by Act No. 2012-491 and now codified as Section 31-13-1, et seq., of the Code of Alabama 1975 is referred to as Alabama’s Immigration Law or the Beason-Hammon Act and imposes certain requirements on persons applying for or renewing a professional license. Specifically, Sections 31-13-7 and 31-13-29 of the Code of Alabama 1975 require that applicants applying for or renewing a professional license must demonstrate his or her United States citizenship, or if not a United States Citizen, his or her lawful presence in the United States. The Immigration Law also provides that a citizen shall not be required to demonstrate citizenship for subsequent transactions and an alien who demonstrates lawful permanent residence in the United States is not required to demonstrate lawful status for subsequent public records transactions after an initial verification is made.

Existing Licensees

Immigration Compliance Requirements for CPAs, PAs and NLOs

Exam Candidates, Transfer of Credits and Reciprocal Licensees

United States Citizen Form

United States Non-Citizen Form