Accountancy Rule 30-X-3-.02 (2) and Accountancy Rule 30-X-3-.05 (1) states that each CPA, PA, NLO, Firm or Exam Candidate shall notify the Board in writing within thirty (30) days of any change of contact information.

Please complete one of the following forms to update your contact information. The Board does not update information by phone.

For Your Information:

The following forms can be used by qualified persons who need to provide updated information to the Board. They cannot be used to:
  1. Submit a name change (requires submission of legal name change documentation and/or marriage certificate), or
  2. Apply to take the Uniform CPA Examination, or
  3. Submit as an annual registration.

Online Change of Information Forms

NOTE:  The individual doing business with the Board should be the person updating their own information.

If you are having problems submitting your online change of information, you may fax your information to 334-242-2711 or mail it to PO Box 300375 Montgomery, AL 36130-0375.