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Accountancy Rule 30-X-3-.05 (1) states "A firm registered pursuant to the Act shall file with the Board a written notification of any of the following events concerning the practice of public accountancy within this State within thirty (30) days after its occurrence: (a) Change of firm address; (b) Formation of a new firm; (c) Addition of a partner, member, manager or shareholder; (d) Retirement, withdrawal or death of a partner, member, manager or shareholder; (e) Any change in the name of the firm; (f) Termination of the firm; (g) Change in the resident manager of any branch office in this State; (h) Establishment of a new branch office or the closing or change of address of a branch office in this State; and (i) The occurrence of any event or events which would cause such firm not to be in conformity with the provisions of the Act or these Rules."


NOTE: All firms are required to register annually for the State's fiscal year beginning October 1 and ending September 30.
Firms with a delinquent status are not registered for the current fiscal year.

2015 Annual Register Order Form